Eloise Culley

University of Brighton

2nd Year Business Student with Finance.


Lacrosse is a sport that I have played and loved for many years now and have meet many new and amazing people through.

At the University of Brighton, through hard work and dedication we have had many successful seasons, of which I am currently in my second.

We recently started up a new Brighton based Lacrosse Parklife session, that welcomes all ages and abilities at the University of Brighton, enticing more people into the game.

If you’re at the University of Brighton or want something more to do with Lacrosse, do not hesitate to contact me.


The University of Brighton Panthers Lacrosse club:

We currently have three teams, two of which are currently in the BUCS leagues and one mixed team.

All teams have been extremely successfully over the years and are based at our Eastbourne campus. We have a fantastic group of players, who all come together on a Wednesday night, building a friendship not only on the pitch but off too. As one of the only sports that have mixed socials, it is fair to say we have built up a strong sense of loyalty within the club, as those that try Lacrosse at Brighton University always return.

Brighton Parklife Lacrosse:

Recently, the University of Brighton has started up a Parklife Lacrosse session based in Brighton. This was due to the high levels of popular demand that Lacrosse had. Our current Lacrosse club is based in Eastbourne, but with the majority of campuses based in Brighton, many people found it difficult to get to training on a Monday night from Brighton. Therefore, we started up a fun Lacrosse session, welcome to all University of Brighton students, at the Falmer campus on a Friday night, where people of all abilities will be taught and get an opportunity to play the sport.

If you’re a Brighton University student and thinking of coming along, then all that is required is £1 and everything else will be provided. For any questions about the session please contact me.

Our links with East Grinstead Lacrosse Club:

East Grinstead Lacrosse club is currently liked with our University of Brighton Lacrosse team. We often send many of our players to East Grinstead when they want more from Lacrosse outside of the University. East Grinstead often has matches on the weekend and if short of players, we offer the opportunity for many of our players to go and join them for some extra games time.

The East Grinstead team are all lovely people and our players always come back expressing what fun they had playing for them.


Every other year the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex competes against each other. Varsity is welcome to all University of Brighton and University of Sussex students to watch and even play (if part of the team). Our Lacrosse game will be held on the 27th of March and all tickets are on sale at the Sport Brighton.

Contacts and more information: