Arabella Duncan

Arabella Duncan

University of Warwick

4th Year

Classics and Italian



Having played lacrosse since I was 13, I was thrilled to find out I could continue the sport at Warwick. I went on to discover just how much more the club could give me: experience in executive roles (Social Secretary), a diverse friendship group, fabulous tours abroad and a thriving competitive environment to engage with each week. I am excited and proud to promote the club and grow the game in my position as ULO.

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Here at Warwick Lacrosse we pride ourselves on a fun, competitive, all inclusive environment. We currently have 2 Men’s Squads, 3 Women’s Squads, and a Mixed Squad, as well as a 2 Development Squads - creating playing options for all abilities. We are regular competitors in the BUCS League, SEMLA, and SWWL, and also provide a Rock Up and Play session for non-competitive members.

Socials are firmly placed at the heart of the club and contribute to the team spirit, great memories and general merriment that we can guarantee to our members. We host minimum one social event a week and 3 tours throughout the year, not to mention a Lacrosse Alumni Ball.

We are passionate about charity, and were named The Most Charitable Club of the Year 2017/18. We strive to raise as much money as possible each year for our chosen charity the Beer-Harris Memorial Trust, in loving memory of Joe Harris, UWLC alumnus. This is in addition to being actively involved in, and highly committed to, fundraising and charity work for a range of other chosen causes.