Northampton Women’s Lacrosse Club Visit Wood Green Animal Shelter

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On the 8th March the committee of Northampton’s Women’s Lacrosse Club visited Wood Green Animal Shelter in Huntingdonshire along with three members of the Club. Wood Green Animal Shelter is the charity that Northampton’s Women’s Lacrosse Team have raised money for over the last three years. Wood Green has been the Charity chosen in memory of a valued team member Charlotte who sadly passed away in 2016. Charlotte was a supporter of Wood Green Animal Shelter and so the Club continues to fundraise money and donate for Wood Green in memory of Charlotte. This year the Women’s Lacrosse Club have held a fundraising event; a film night watching Wild Child (it had to be lacrosse related!), and are looking forward to holding a Disney Quiz, and an I’m a Celeb themed competition which we held last year which was a big success. Alongside this, members of the team have also been applying facial glitter in the Student’s Union Club for donations.

There were seven individuals from the Club who went on the visit. We were shown around the Animal Shelter by a member of staff from Wood Green to find out more about the amazing work the charity does. We visited the small animal sections which ranged from rabbits and hamsters to mice and rats, the cats section, and the animal surgery. It was great to be able to be able to see and hear about how Wood Green helps so many animals! Members of the Club donated animal food and toys for cats, dogs and small animals, which is something that Wood Green are always thankful for from members of the public. Amber, Women’s Lacrosse Club Treasurer says – “It was amazing to see how much is done to care for the animals at the shelter, and how passionate the staff were to spread awareness of the animals in need”. Holly who is Women’s Lacrosse Club Secretary and organiser of the charity visit and events, who has been in contact throughout the year with Wood Green staff says – “Raising money for Wood Green Animal Charity has been so much fun, coming up with ideas and events with the team to raise money for such a wonderful cause has really been a highlight of my year”.

This year’s committee and team have had a great time fundraising for Wood Green this year and have loved being able to carry on Charlotte’s love for the charity! If anyone would like to donate to Wood Green or find out more information please visit

Chloe HolmesNorthampton