Grace Tanner & Jasmine Waite

University of Nottingham

Grace: 2nd Year Zoology

Jasmine: 3rd Year History


University of Nottingham Lacrosse

Nottingham has 4 BUCS league teams competing in many different leagues from Premiership 1 to Midlands 3. For more information on our teams visit our SU webpages linked below. We also have our Beginners and Engage Sessions. Our Engage Sessions run once a week, from 7-8pm at our David Ross Sports Village and are these are run by Jasmine and Grace. These taster classes are for anybody who’s never picked up a lacrosse stick before, or for those who might have tried it a couple of times before, but want to get back into playing again. We offer a fun session for an hour a week so that students can learn a few new skills, while joining a great social environment and community.

Grace: I have been playing lacrosse for 6 years and started playing at school in Scotland. I absolutely fell in love with the sport of lacrosse and haven’t put down my stick since. I spent last summer competing at the World Cup for Scotland. Playing at the national and international level has given me some great experience and showed me how wide and interconnected the lacrosse community is. I also coach at Nottingham lacrosse club which has shown me how valuable playing a sport like lacrosse is to younger kids. I am so excited for the upcoming year to work with Jasmine to introduce new students to lacrosse, and show them how amazing it is.

Jasmine: I am really excited to work with Grace on expanding our University of Nottingham Lacrosse Team this year and can’t wait to introduce new freshers to the sport and our wider lax society! After previously trying out various other sports, I only decided to commit myself to exclusively playing lacrosse at uni, after discovering how enjoyable UoN training sessions were, feeling so welcomed by the strong community throughout our team, and having so much fun on our sports socials!

To see more of what we do, check out our Facebook page, Instagram (@uonengagelacrosse) or our SU Women’s and Men’s pages.